All difficulties here are the same – they are illusions.

It’s hard to think of the world as an illusion. But, is it difficult to realize that a shimmering lake off in the desert is illusory? Yes; if your mind is addled by thirst.
But, when we accept the Course principle that our mind is addled by perception it is easier to know that everything we think we see is illusory.
Further, there is no difference between a deceptive lake folks think they see out in a desert and the whole world. Accepting that the latter is an illusion The latter, however; is more difficult to accept.

Section 8 in the Manual for asks,
How Can Perception of order of difficulties be avoided?
Part of the answer is in section 6 sentence 4, “But the healed mind will put them [illusions] in one category: they are unreal.”
[read the whole section to place it in context.]

This idea will help us cope with our day-to-day journey in this world. As I wrote in my last post: everything we perceive [see] is “small stuff.” Back off from situations here that bring us unease and see them for what they are: perceptions our ego wrong mind makes up: unreal things and/or situations. Then don’t deny that we make them up, and then let them go.

Consider this statement from the new Lord’s Prayer which ends Chapter 16.
And let us receive only what You have given, and accept but this into the minds which You created and which You love. Amen

You refers to God who Created us a Spirit,
“in His own thought and of a quality like unto Himself.
There is nothing else.”*

Holding on to that thought leads to a “healed Mind,” and then nothing in this world can upset us.

*See Text Chapter 3. Section V sentences 1-4.