According to an e-mail I received from Ken Wapnick Helen Shucman heard these words in her mind while scribing the Course, “Never underestimate the power of denial.”

Denial works both ways. We can deny belief in error, and we can deny belief in truth. I think the words Helen heard refer to our denial of this concept: our thoughts make our life in this world.

One course discussion of the dynamics of sickness connects denial to this thought (in which truth refers to our reality in Heaven). “The task of the miracle worker thus becomes to deny the denial of truth.” [T-12.II.1.5]

By denying our denial of the truth of Heaven we can accept the Holy Spirit’s help to remove the barriers we place in our minds to that Truth.  We will then reject our belief that we are separated from God by following this basic Course teaching: God has nothing to do with this world.

Many writings about A Course in Miracles center on what I call “feel good” passages.  Chapter 21 of the Text has many such statements, and when read out of context fit that description.  Here is one from Text Chapter 21.

” There is no need to learn through pain.  And gentle lessons are acquired joyously, and    are remembered gladly.  What gives you happiness you want to learn and not forget.”               [from The Forgotten Song T-21. Section 1 Paragraph 3]

Less gentle ideas come to mind when the above is read in context with passages which follow it,  for instance this prayer at the end of Section II Chapter 21.

                       I am responsible for what I see.

                    I choose the feelings I experience,

               and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.

             And everything that seems to happen to me

                 I ask for, and receive as I have asked.

 The prayer articulates a central premise of the Course.  It is a crystal clear statement.  What else could it mean than we make the things and goings-on we perceive here in this world?   We make our world.  God has nothing to do with it.

 The sentence also seriously disputes creationist beliefs.  God is not creating the world, much less in the last 6000 years.  Our projected thoughts make it seem to happen.

The comforting and helpful idea we take from this is; we can change our thoughts from being negative and harmful to those which center on forgiving ourselves for our seeming detour into this insane separated overcomplicated world.

That leads to real freedom.