It Takes A Miracle

There is one constant; our true relationship with God in Heaven.  In contrast to that, the wheel of our seeming existence here in this world cycles our actions from serenity to discord and back again.  Instead of being stuck here, our goal can be to have the wheel of life return us to where we started before we chose the separation; our home with God in Heaven.

The cycle reflects what we need to do here spiritually: begin as God’s creation, ignore the separation of seeming bodies, and return to the Mind of God.  With the Holy Spirit’s help we can end our cycle here by returning to our right mind, and recalling that we are in Heaven where we never left.

We play out the cycle physically in the separation.  Kindness imbues the actions of the part of our mind yet connected to God where it never left.  Savagery permeates the actions of our wrong mind.  Kindness versus savagery interwoven in the separation is a stark example of duality.


In the Course we learn that God has nothing to do with the world, which is opposed the common belief that God created the world and helps us in our lives.  Therefore, for most people here the idea that God has nothing to do with this world is extremely uncomfortable.  How do we go from – God creates the world – to we are doing it, which makes us responsible for and gives us the power to affect our lives.  Is that comforting?   Yes, for those who accept that responsibility.  Not so for people who believe that God causes everything that happens here — good and bad.

To deny that we make this world and are responsible is directly linked to denying that we cause conflict, changing climate, suffering, as well as loving action.  Those who believe that the world is God’s creation believe that God is causing it, not us.  So what do we do?  Pray for God to change what he is doing?  That doesn’t seem to be working.

A better way would be to change our belief that God is creating the world, accept we are making this separated world and focus on what we are doing here and change how we behave.

That paradigm shift calls for a miracle.

That’s why the Course is titled, A Course in Miracles.

Can we go from uncomfortable thoughts and actions, to those which are kind and comforting?  Yes, by miraculously ignoring the strident voice of the ego and simply opening our minds to the Holy Spirit, and listening to its comforting voice.

Think, but only on the level of Heaven where we are part of the Mind of God,

what is taught in the Workbook;

“I am not a body.  I am free. For I am as God Created me.”