Whither Family

My previous post was about being part of a family. I distinguished though between belonging to a family on this worldly level of our separated existence, and being together in the family of our true reality: as the Son of God in Heaven.

Last week in two days of terror willful killers in Paris murdered 17 of their fellow humans while shouting “God is Great.” They did so to revenge what they considered blasphemy of the Prophet Mohammed.

On Sunday January 11 more than one million people gathered in and around Place de la Republic and Place de la Nation to demonstrate that they are a family of tolerance and freedom of expression.

But lets return our mind to the level where we are already part of an eternal family still at home in the Heart of God. We can do that by changing our mind: a miracle.

In ACIM the first miracle Principle is,

There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.

Ergo — replace an act of violence with an act of love. Embrace our fellow travelers here.

Now the first reaction to that is – do that when confronted by a terrorist and you would be a “bliss ninny.” Is it nonsense to rush and embrace the person holding the gun? Several outcomes are possible. It might work, or you would be shot, or another person could overcome the shooter, or the gun may jam etc. – etc.

It is more likely, given the state of our insanity in this world, that an act of love could prevail in a confrontation not so excessively violent. Or, amass thousands acts of love (Random acts of Kindness). That could work!

Among the millions marching in Paris many carried signs that read “Je Suis Charley. (I am Charley.)

I noticed that when I took “i” from Je Suis it read, “Jesus.” Je Suis
(“I am” in French) is close to the name of man billions call savior.

42 years ago in a Seth Class these words came to me.

I am. God is. I am because He is I Am.

In French it reads;

Je le suis. Dieu est. Je suis, car il est je suis.

How about this?

We are Jesus. God is. We are all Jesus because we are one in God.

Obviously this is a play on words, but here in this world we are in a play on reality. “All the world is a stage,” Shakespeare wrote. The dramas we watch, if about family or anything else, whether at a theater, in a movie house or in our home on TV are plays about reality within a play in our seeming reality.

In that play we are part of a family determined by genetics and culture. In Heaven we are part of God’s family created by God’s gift of extending His Thought. I’ve quoted this passage from Text Chapter 3 several times in previous posts. It fits here.

God did create spirit in His Own Thought and of a quality like to His Own. There [is] nothing else. [T-3.V.7.3-4]

Therefore, we are spirit as family in God’s thought.

Take comfort by realizing that ultimately our existence here is forgiven because God’s mind holds it not.

In spite of any violence all of us are, as spirit, family in God’s Mind.


When they were young one thing I told my six children was, “family is the ultimate resource.” On the other hand I didn’t explain that families can be difficult; which is an example of our dualistic world. But even so, I believe that families on the whole are a positive resource, because when their difficulties get sorted, good things prevail.

“Moonstruck” is one of my favorite movies. It portrays the push and pull of the Castorini family relations which come to a head in the last wonderful scene in their kitchen. Their middle aged daughter Loretta has transferred her affections from her fiancée, Johnny Cammareri, to his brother Ronnie. The family, along with Ronnie, is sitting around the kitchen table having breakfast. Johnny arrives; just returned from Italy where he went because thought his mother was dying. He tells Loretta that he can’t marry her because if, “If I do my mother will die.” Then Loretta throws the pinky ring at him he had to use when he proposed. He picks it up. Ronnie asks for it, takes it, asks Loretta to marry him, and she accepts.

As her father Cosmo prepares a sugared Champaign toast to celebrate the engagement Johnny retreats to a chair by the wall. But grandfather Castorini takes him by the arm drags him into the family circle telling him,

“Don’t you know you are part of the family?”

We all need to learn that we are all part of a family, a spiritual family. It’s what we try to remember through our link to God, the Holy Spirit.

Lately I’ read an article which re-hashed old arguments, speculations from both sides of the issue about why some people believe in God in spite lack of scientific evidence that God exists. Ii didn’t surprise me that no clear answer was offered.

I am convinced me that God exists. One reason that I believe that is because I often experience my real being as mind/spirit as I perceive physical reality from outside of my body. Most often that happens during simple gestures like reaching for an object and perceiving my hand from outside my body. That spirit place is where we are all one family. Science does not accept such experiences as evidence of our true realty as part of God, but personally I do.

When celebrating this holiday season (for me it ends on January 6, the day many Christians celebrate the coming of the Magi), take to heart this passage from A Course in Miracles. It fits with the Magi’s following “The Star of Bethlehem.”

“The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within, and accept it as the sign the time of Christ has come.” [Text Chapter15.XI.2]

Please read the whole section: Christmas as the End of Sacrifice. It will place the above excerpt in context and offer you a different way to consider the importance of Christmas.