The Separation

Most of us who believe that there is a God also believe that we mortal beings are separate from God. That’s simple. Complications arise when we try to articulate our beliefs about our separate nature from God. In ACIM Jesus outlines a unique way to understand our separated existence.

In ACIM it’s simply called “the separation.” The principle is very different from religion’s teachings, so it does take some explaining.

Here are examples of some of the ways we have made the separation very believable.

Male & Female Races — Oriental – Black, White, Red, Latino, Mixed.
We have Religions — Brahman, Hindi, Muslim, Daoist, Buddhist, Christian, and all the subcategories of each; plus ethnicity, nationalities, class systems within each country and religion. By these means we have made a complex strata of social, gender, religious and ethnic ways to hide our unity as spirit with God.

How did this happen? In the Course it is referred to as a “tiny mad idea.” Tiny as being insignificant, mad as being insane, and idea as a thought in our split mind: the part that thinks the world is real, which has split between our right mind sustained by the Holy Spirit, and the wrong mind ensnared by our made up ego. Yet our real mind is still at home with God. That is our true reality. The separation is a mad dream about which God knows nothing.

In order for us to be to find a comforting passage in ACIM to counter our mad dream we have to first face it for what is it. It is our construct. Not God’s.

Y.N. Harari in his book, Sapiens, titles a chapter, “The discovery of ignorance.” He posited that discovering ignorance led to the birth of science. We need admit that we are ignorant and only then, only then, can we go on to overcome it.

We need to do the same with the separation. See it for what it is; a selfish illusion obscuring our being as one with the Holy Spirit at Home with God. Then we can remember that, as spirit, we are not separated from God.

Here is the comforting passage from ACIM which teaches that the separation is “a tiny mad idea.”

“Let us return the dream he gave away unto the dreamer, who perceives the dream as separate from himself and done to him. Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects. Together, we can laugh them both away, and understand that time cannot intrude upon eternity. It is a joke to think that time can come to circumvent eternity, which [means] there is no time.”    [T-27.VIII.6] ( bold is my emphasis)

I urge you to read all of section VIII from Chapter 27. Notice how sentences vary, some calling for us to see the world as a silly idea, and those which spell out how we will be comforted by realizing that it is a silly idea.

Finally consider this passage from the Course.

There is no point in lamenting the world. There is no point in trying to change the world. It is incapable of change because it is merely an effect. But there is indeed a point in changing your thoughts about the world. Here you are changing the cause. The effect will change automatically. (bold my emphasis)    [W.L-23.2.2-7]

This idea is sometimes stated this way. Don’t try to change the world, change your mind about the world.

In my next blog I’ll discuss how we counter and or neutralize the separation with various social organizations and rituals.

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