A Nw Lord’s Prayer, Part One

During these days, which are sadly, probably, “The Worst of Times” we need a good prayer.  We have one in A Course in Miracles.

Course scribe Helen Shucman called it a new Lord’s Prayer.  I will briefly discuss each of its six sentences, one each day, during the coming week.  The prayer, which is a thought in the non-separated part of our mind,is the final paragraph from Text Chapter 16. That part of our mind, the Right MInd, knows knows that the split off part of our mind is dreaming of the illusory world of the ego. For a full discussion of the New Lord’s Prayer please see my page about it on my web site.

Here is the prayer in full.

1. Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You, in which there are no illusions, and where none can ever enter.
2 Our holiness is Yours.
3 What can there be in us that needs forgiveness when Yours is perfect?
4 The sleep of forgetfulness is only the unwillingness to remember Your forgiveness and Your Love.
5 Let us not wander into temptation, for the temptation of the Son of God is not Your Will.
6 And let us receive only what You have given, and accept but this into the minds which You created and which You love.

                   Now for the first sentence. It is, one its own a good mantra
In the first phrase we ask our father for forgiveness for our illusions (the world of separation). Then we petition for help to ACCEPT our “True relationship” with God, where in the next sentence. is identified as a place with no illusions: Heaven. The final phrase accepts that Heaven is where no illusions can ever enter.

I put ACCEPT in caps because it is the key word in the sentence.  I have many times substituted less precise words in its place. Any other word dilutes the meaning of the  sentence.   We ACCEPT our true relationship with God in Heaven,

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