The New Lord’s Prayer, Part Six

Here is the final sentence of the New Lord’s Prayer.

And let us receive only what You have given, and accept but this into the minds which You created and which You love. Amen

In this sentence we ask God for only what was given when God extended his love to create our Mind as the one Son. Love.

Remember this from Text Chapter 3.

God did create spirit in His Own Thought and of a quality like to His Own.

God gave us love through extension. We appeal for only that to be in our Right Mind, which will, with the Holy Spirit’s help, aid us in remembering God’s forgiveness and love.

To conclude these six blogs about the New Lord’s Prayer, here is what Ken Wapnick wrote about Course scribe Helen Shucman’s experience when this prayer came to her. [Volume Two, Journey Through The Text of a Course in Miracles pp. 269-270]

When Helen was writing this down one evening, she believed that “the Voice,” as she euphemistically referred to Jesus, had gone insane, for the words seemed to be total gibberish.  Panic stricken she Called Bill (Bill Thetford who helped her scribe the Course), who reassuringly said, in effect: “I and sure this is not nonsense. Just take it down and meet me early in the office and we’ll read it together.”  Jesus to, reassured Helen, telling her, “Write it down the way you hear it, and do not worry. Your will recognize it later.” She did not recognize it that night, but as she began reading the prayer to Bill the following morning she suddenly burst into tears, realizing — finally — what is was.

The prayer Wapnick writes “…is the means Jesus uses to end our temptation to wander endlessly in the ego’s dreams of specialness, and to awaken us all to our father’s love.”

We all need prayers. I suggest this Prayer as one way to help us all to sustain our love for God in these over-contentious times.

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