O Death where is thy Sting?

J. S Bach set the above line from Corinthians to music. Bach, as a devout Lutheran, believed that his path to eternal life lay in following Biblical Teaching within his Church. There the belief that Jesus Christ’s crucifixion removed the sting of death gave him access to eternal life.

Then on the other hand, in the movie “Moonstruck” Mrs. Castorinni asked her daughter’s fiancée, “Why do men chase women?” He answers tentatively, “Because they fear death?” She quickly agrees, “That’s it, that’s it.”
I ask: do men gain immortality by womanizing and fathering children?

Ken Wapnick in his, Journey Through The Manual of A Course in Miracles, explains how in ACIM Jesus leads us to a more helpful answer. Ken brings together teachings from Manual Section 27 along with Text Chapter 19 part IV and Workbook lesson 163 to dispel that most sinister fear. Section 27 begins with this declaration,“Death is the central dream from which all illusions stem.” The paragraph then lists all of the struggles of life here in the separation which we accept as “The way of nature,” and then believe that God creates them. The final sentence, “And no one asks if a benign Creator could will this,” is important to accept the following where Section 27 ends with this helpful idea.

And what is the end of death? Nothing but this; the realization that the Son of God is guiltless now and forever. Nothing but this. But do not let yourself forget it is not less than this. (my emphasis)

We are guiltless because we are now and have forever been at home as God’s one son in Heaven. The world we project is an illusion where we split our mind to accept the ego’s making of the body as the Hero of our dream.

In the first sentence of the new Lord’s Prayer; Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You, in which there are no illusions, and where none can ever enter. “in which there” refers to Heaven. When we remember that our fear of death vanishes along with all of our illusions.

The course is filled with helpful passages to gain that remembrance. Manual 28, What is the Resurrection, is just one example. In my next blog I’ll discuss that.

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