Sad News, but ~~~~~~~

This morning I learned that Ken Wapnick, our great teacher of A Course in Miracles, passed away yesterday December 27. I’m now listening to Beethoven’s late quartets because they are among his favorite music compositions. Whenever I hear them I will think of Ken with joy.

My feeling is that he said what he had to say, and said it so many times; perhaps feeling that we who came to his sessions were there to hear him absent realizing that we were hearing the same message again and again. So he moved on to our home where we are all together and don’t remember it in this illusion.

Many times those still living here say this about the loss of cherished people.
“A great light has gone out.”

I believe that Ken’s light is shining where he never left. He is free of this crazy world and basks in the light of oneness of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Knowing that helps me cope with not being able to ever be with him again in the world.

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